A growing number of my family has a presence on the Web.

Nate Hine is a mechanical engineer, base player, sim racer, and generally brilliant guy. He and Nellie Pennington have two sons. Nate maintains Web sites for his band Cool Waters, and Open Fields School, which his sons attend.

Av Pinzur is a budding computer genius who helps his mother (my little sister) home school his eight younger sisters and brothers. He puts together computers, writes programs, and builds web sites in his spare time. Another generally brilliant guy.

Sean Simpson is my big sister's only son. Sean is a computer science major at Western Connecticut State University, another budding computer genius, a serious role-playing gamer, an avowed Unix bigot, and another all-around brilliant guy.

Nellie's parents, Sam and Sally Pennington, own the Maine Antique Digest and maintain its site. Sam maintains the dozens of computers at MAD along with an extensive local area network which has cables running everywhere thoroughout a three story building. His hobby shop at home looks like someone disassembled about twenty computers and left the parts all over the office. Sam and Sally are not only brilliant, but have good business sense.