Why Add-Ons?

GPL is a wonderfully authentic reproduction of the 1967 racing season. But even GPL can be improved. Over the months since GPL was introduced, a small band of passionate enthusiasts has developed a terrific array of add-ons for GPL that further enhance its appeal and usefulness.

Glorious New Circuits

As of late summer 2002, over 250 circuits are available for GPL. (Thanks to GPL Track Database owner Magnus Tome for reminding me to update this count, which has grown from about 50 when I first wrote this page!)

Add-on tracks include some of the best modern-day circuits in North America and some of the greatest circuits from throughout the world. These circuits expand GPL's horizons dramatically.

Powerful Utilities

Download the new GPL Race Engineer, and I believe you'll find that development of setups for GPL's cars need no longer be a mystery.

GPL Replay Analyser gives you access to "telemetry" data displayed and interpreted in a manner very similar to the techniques used by modern racing teams to help their drivers drive better and their race engineers set up their cars better.

Eye Candy, Ear Candy

With more realistic-sounding engines and more authentic-looking paint jobs on the cars, GPL becomes an even more delightful visual and audio feast.

Order out of Chaos

GPL has now spawned so many add-on enhancements and utilities that the process of locating and sorting them out can be daunting and bewildering.

I hope to help you with that. On these pages you'll find an overview many of my favorite add-ons, including tracks, utilities, and audio and visual enhancements.



I'm not going to try to keep this section up to date with every new add-on release. If I try to do that, I'll have no time to do anything else!

I'm sure you will find many more enhancements if you dig through the links on various GPL-oriented pages. Start with the pages here and my Links page.