Here is a list of keys that I know about which do special things. The items in italics are not discussed in the readme.txt file that came with GPL.

Note that the Right-Shift key is ignored by GPL; you must use the Left-Shift key.

In multiplayer race mode only:

ENTER - Type/Send Chat Message

ALT-L - Show latency (ping time) to the server. Note that while in the menus, the Chat Pad must be off to retrieve the ping time, but on to display it. Simply hit the tilde key, Alt-L, and then tilde again.

In single or multiplayer race mode:

ESC - Return to Pits/Retire

F1 - Help Display

F10 - Toggle Driving View

ALT+F - Toggle Frame Rate Display

SHIFT+R - Right car, repair any damage, and place it on the track.

SHIFT+T - Reset the telltale on the tach

V - Change focus to next driver. You must be stopped.

SHIFT+V - Change focus to previous driver. You must be stopped.

ALT-Tab - return focus to GPL. This is useful if GPL hangs because another program has sent a popup to the Windows desktop, such as what happens when the modem connection is lost. Although sometimes GPL will minimize down to the task bar (as a "Papyrus window") it's probably best to just return to GPL and exit it before dealing with the other app. I am not sure if this is still functional in the final release.

Single player race mode only:

PAUSE - Pause/Continue Game

F2 - View Replay

F3 - Options

On menus, when chat pad is up:

~ (tilde) - Toggle chat pad

PageUp/PageDown - Scroll text on chat pad

In Replay mode and Live Feed mode:

C - Change to Next Camera

V - Change Focus to Next Driver

SHIFT+C - Change to Previous Camera

SHIFT+V - Change Focus to Previous Driver

Keypad1 (END) - Fast Forward to End

Keypad4 (Left Arrow) - Frame Rewind

Keypad5 - Play/Pause Replay

Keypad6 (Right Arrow) - Frame Advance

Keypad7 (Home) - Rewind to Start

SHIFT+Keypad4 - Rewind - pressing multiple times increases the rewind speed

SHIFT+Keypad6 - Fast Forward - pressing multiple times increases the fast forward speed

Keypad. (Del) - Switch to Live Feed Mode

Keypad8 (Up Arrow) - Slow Motion