Juan Montoya Email Interview

This was posted on rec.autos.simulators recently. Also see the Press page for more about Juan's use of and enthusiasm for racing games and simulators.

Note that I did not have anything to do with this interview! I've simply copied it from r.a.s. and posted it here.

Check out #5.

1. Do you left foot brake or right foot brake on the road courses?

JUAN: Right Foot

2. Juan I would like to hear your comments about track safety of the tracks you have raced on so far in America, compared to the tracks in Europe you have extensively raced on.

JUAN: The tracks in america are ok. In Formula 1 the tracks have more room and a larger run-off area which I think adds an additional element of safety

3. If Chip Ginassi gave you the opportunity to race in the Indy Racing League in the future, would you take it?

JUAN: I would consider any driving opportunity if it were the right thing to take me to the next step in my career.

4. People often say that driving Formula One is harder than CART. Alex Zanardi did seem to have problems making the adjustment. Do you have any thoughts that driving in CART could cause you to develop driving habits that might make a move to Formula One in the future a difficult one?

JUAN: No. I have driven both cars and they are different but you have to adjust your driving style to the type of car

5. Really enjoy watching you race! I watch all the CART races on TV every year. I read you like video racing games. What kind of computer do you have, and what PC racing games do you like best? And what are your favorite tracks to run in video games? Good luck this year!

JUAN: I have a Pentium III, 600 megahertz, 256 RAM computer. My favorite games right now are old ones, GP 2 (Grand Prix 2) and GP Legends--they are awesome! My favorite video track is ESPA in Belgium.

6. Do you see your self driving in Formula One in 2001? And if so for what team would you like to drive for? (not just the team that offers you a contract, but the team you would choose to drive for)

JUAN: I have a 3-year deal w/ Chip that goes until 2001. So my focus right now is doing the best I'm capable of in CART. The team I would choose to drive for would be Williams

7. What have you heard about the Indianapolis 500 growing up and where do you rate it among the world's top races?

JUAN: Growing up I always watched the 500 and cheered on Roberto Guerro who was also Columbian. I always just knew it was a BIG race in America

8. I am looking forward to seeing you compete in the Indianapolis 500 this year. Will you have to adjust your driving style at all to adapt to the IRL cars, or are champ cars and indycars pretty similar. Best of luck in the 500.

JUAN: Yes, the cars are quite a bit different so I will have to adjust my driving style. But it's going to be fun and very interesting. I got a little feel for the car in Las Vegas and I liked it, you can put me in anything and as long as it goes fast, I'll have fun

9. Juan, first everyone is so excited and appreciative that you will be at the "500"! Question, with the tighter schedule at Indy now, will someone be shaking down the cars for you and Jimmy opening weekend at the Speedway? I believe that weekend CART races in Japan.

JUAN: It really depends on our schedule coming back from Japan on whether or not someone shakes down the car for us. So I really don't know yet.

10. Is there a driver you try to emulate or imitate in terms of corner entry and braking approach on roadcourses? And do you feel more comfortable pitching and catching the car or flowing and arcing through the curves?

JUAN: I would say I appreciate the driving style of Aryton Senna the most. He was so skilled on the road course. I would say my style is more of a flow into the curves