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Alison's 2nd Generation Setups
Reference Setups
The X-Files
Alison's Race Setups
Chris Moses Setups
Setups from the Beta Team
Setups by Track
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This page contains setups by me, the GPL Beta Team, and Chris Moses. You can also find sites on my Links page with setups by a number of other GPL enthusiasts.

Setups from Yours Truly

Second Generation Setups

11/21/02 - Update! Influenced by my continuing real-world track experiences with my Cobra, I've continued to evolve my setups. I've added some F2 setups for Lime Rock to my Gen 2 Setup setups. These new setups are the most balanced setups I've ever released. Have fun!

7/6/02 - I've released my first collection of setups in nearly two years!

Using what I've learned from developing my real-world Cobra for the race tracks of northeastern US and Canada, I've developed a new generation of setups for the cars in GPL.

I feel these setups are the most realistic and enjoyable setups I've ever driven for GPL - and they are faster than my old setups, too!

Get them at the Gen 2 Setup page, and read more about why I think they are better than my old setups - and why I like them better than pretty much any other GPL setups I've tried.

Reference Setups

12/29/00 - We will soon have somewhere around seventy tracks available for GPL, and the GPL Engine Manager makes possible over 200 chassis/engine/tire combinations.

It is impossible for anyone to release a complete setup collection; such a collection would contain nearly 15,000 setups! There is no way it's humanly possible to come up with a comprehensive collection of setups which feels consistent from track to track and car to car.

I've put together a collection of Reference Setups for most of the F2 cars which can be easily adapted to any road course or street circuit, along with some suggestions for adapting them to your style.

The X-Files

4/11/00 - We now have approximately fifty tracks available for GPL. A complete collection would comprise over a thousand setups!

It is impossible for me to release complete setup collections for all tracks, as I did for five chassis at the original eleven GPL tracks (below).

I hope that many GPL fans will use GRE and GRE Help to develop their own setups. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to do this. Even those who develop their own may benefit from having an existing setup as a starting point.

Therefore I've decided to put together collections of my latest setups for each chassis at each track. I call these collections the "X-Files".

Go here to read more about and download the X-Files.

Alison's Race Setups

Here are my previous collections of race setups. Please note that many of these setups have been superseded by setups in the X-Files, above.

Please read my detailed discussions, in which I present some historical background on the real cars, explain the thinking behind my setups, discuss appropriate driving techniques for each chassis, and give some good reasons why you should try the less glamorous cars like the Coventry, Murasama, and BRM.

Note that these setups are for the Grand Prix cars. You can adapt them for use with the Advanced and Basic Trainers by following instructions at the end of the discussion pages.

My setup collections were zipped with the setup folder in the path. You can simply unzip the entire archive into your player folder.

Alison's GP Setups





 Coventry  Coventry  11/17/98  5 kb
 Murasama  Murasama  12/5/98  5 kb
 BRM  BRM  3/1/99  5 kb
 Brabham  Brabham  10/24/99  5 kb
 Ferrari  Ferrari  10/24/99  5 kb
 Eagle  Eagle    
 Lotus  Lotus    

The Brabham and Ferrari collections include setups for Brands Hatch. The Brabham setup for Brands Hatch incorporates my latest setup thinking, including higher ride heights and slight positive toe-out for more linear turn-in and better behavior with Force Feedback. A new Zandvoort setup in the Ferrari collection also incorporates this philosophy.

Setups for the remaining chassis are under development - and no, I don't know when they will be done! Soon, I hope.

If you can't wait to try my setups for the other cars, read my Setup Tips for information about how to adapt these setups to some of the other chassis.

Chris Moses Setups

For the NASCAR 3 ovals (converted by David Noonan's new Oval Converter, available at The Pits), Chris Moses has kindly sent me his oval setups for the Eagle. Also included is a readme with some tips by Chris on driving these ovals.

Download Chris' oval setups and tips here! (3 kb)

Chris has also sent me a collection of his setups for the Eagle for all tracks, including the new and conversion tracks. Get it here! (9 kb).

Setups from the Beta Team

Some of these setup collections were zipped with the track folder in the path. For those, you can simply unzip the entire archive into your setups folder.

Others were zipped without the path. For those, you'll need to extract each setup to its appropriate track folder. You can open the setup file with WinZip and then drag each setup to the appropriate location.

Achim's Revised Lotus Race Setups (4/3/99 - 3 kb) - Updated race setups for the Lotus by Achim Trensz.

Achim's Lotus Race Setups (11/11/98 - 3 kb) - Race setups for the Lotus by Achim Trensz.

Doug's Updated Setups (10/21/98 - 12 kb) - Doug Arnao's latest setup collection. Assorted chassis.

Doug's Setups (9/8/98 - 12 kb) - Doug Arnao's original setup collection. Assorted chassis.

Achim's Setups (8/30/98 - 2 kb) - Lotus setups by Achim Trenz.

Setups by Track

Monaco (8/6/98 - 4kb) - A setup for each car at Monaco, developed by me during preparation for the 8/6/98 Papy Cup race at Papyrus. Also includes Ferrari setups by Doug and Steve.