Here are comments from some of the many people who have visited the Eagle Woman site.

Just having a browse through your site, and it made me take a moment to say "nice work"! :-) Very nice site, good info and well laid out. You've obviously put some amount of time into it, and that's coming from one who knows all too well!!

-John Wallace

First off, your site looks just great! I think it's kind of nice the way the advice you've collected is from personal correspondence and r.a.s. -- just kind of adds a friendly air to it all. And your Overview of Vehicle Dynamics is *superb* ... it's something everybody ought to read ...

-Shane Pitkin

Well I see that I am going to have to spend some time fully reading through your pages. There is a ton of good information there. Thanks for sharing....

Besides, I found an excellent answer to someone's question I just received today. Great timing!!!

-Michael E. Carver

I've enjoyed reading through your website - especially the part about the ultimate sim. I'm the product manager for ThrustMaster's racing line...

-Alan Smith
ThrustMaster, Inc.

At first I was attracted to your site just because it had ICR2 info on it. (I'm always a sucker for that). Then I noticed you modem raced in New England. I'm in New York City and I race ICR2 with my father in California every week. But the real reason I wanted to email you was to commend you on your "Women" and "Woman in Racing" sections. I think it's fantastic that this information gets put out there for both women and men to see. ...good work on the website. I particularly like the Elanor Roosevelt

-Tony Bowren

It was an interesting and emotional tale you told ...on your web site. And, I admit, how could I forget a gal who gets excited about AN hardware?

-Peter Chapman

I enjoyed your page, most particularly the pic and description of your cat.

-Sharon Parker

You have a great-looking airplane!

-Philip McNamara

I too have raced Formula Fords. Have also placed nationally with SCCA. My primary reason for contacting you is that I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT. I am extremely proud to be in the same state as you! One of the truths that I hold to be self evident is(apologies to our founding fathers):

Do what you fear most and the death of fear is certain.

I have read all of your web pages, and am most impressed. I gave up games about 2 years ago, but I may race against you someday soon. I say this because:


Thanks again for your inspiration,

-Paul Weeks

I admire you & all you have accomplished.


I had a chance to visit your web page and I must say that I'm very impressed. Not everyone gets to build & ride Formula One cars and aerobatic airplanes! You've really accomplished a lot. Even though I don't know you personally, I can tell that you are a very strong-willed person...

-Daniel Marder

Love your analysis of the S-10. Mine is nearing completion. Hope to meet you some time, perhaps at the Rans flyin.

-Jim Shafer

We definitely need more great role models for women. I applaud your accomplishments.

I myself am an airline pilot for Air Canada based out of Toronto, Canada.

-Cate Footman

Your words in Outrageous Women touched me as I sat "surfing" for some mindless diversion since losing my best friend, Bobby Poulin, on April 14. She was my inspiration, my hero. We shared a therapy practice for gay and lesbian clients and she supported me through my own hard stuff. You are right, Alison, to be so inspired and grateful to those brave women that touched your life. Thank you for sharing your story.

-Diane Keubler

It sounds corney but it's the best personal web page I've seen. I came accross your page when searching for info on the S10 so I particulary appreciated your opinions - much better than 'official' information any day. I'm sorry to hear about your accident with the S10; it must be heart breaking to put so much into a project to have it snatched from you like that.


I flipped through all the pages on your site and was really impressed with the way you talk about your Pitts and your illness...I learned a lot.

-Chris Bauer

I find that your page on racing sims to be quite comprehnsive for the "newbie". You have some great stuff... I have been around racing since about 1970... Lisa (my wife) [and I] are both DIE-HARD short-track fans... My dad owned a Late model car for years in Florida.


You go girls!!!!! I want to be a military aviator but since I am young and female no one takes me seriously. Hopefully all parts of the service will open up to women!!!! Thanks!!!

-Kim Sparks

Reading your page brought tears to my eyes, I am so touched by your ambition and your strength and your advice!

I'm starting a web page for teenage girls at and I'm linking to your page, hope you don't mind! The link will be from and will probably go up in about a week, assuming this is OK with you.


I enjoyed your web page. Very informative and well-written (an unusual set of traits for a personal web page).

-Mitch Hodges

You are a very good writer and I have enjoyed reading ... your adventures.

-Lucky Macy

I enjoyed your homepage, as I am also a competition acro-pilot, as well as a DC8 Captain at ABX.


Enjoyed the reading,you have had quite an exciting flying career!!!

-Jim Reynolds

Hi Alison. My name is Stephen Hine. I am 10 years old and live in Missouri. My family loves racing. Mostly NASCAR. What kind of racing did you do? I liked the picture of your cat. We have one named MIDNIGHT. Bye.

-Stephen Hine

GREAT home page! Yours is one of the most informative and entertaining home pages I've seen. Keep it up.

-Mike Grubb

Spent last evening reading of your flying adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent and think you did a great job on your web page. I fell asleep last night reading your stories.

-Bob Amico

Hi Alison...came across your page by accident and found all of your aviation activities very interesting. Thank you too for giving me a credit line for the Patty Wagstaff photos. (the first clue). OK, my name is Jim Koepnick and I'm chief photographer for EAA. And a cat lover...

-Jim Koepnick

I enjoyed reading about your first aerobatic contest. I have just purchased a Skybolt and am working up to my first competition. I learned a lot reading your article.

-Gerald McPeak

I ran across your page on an aerobatic search and found it pretty cool that you built your own plane.


Real cool web site: I really enjoyed your web site and the pictures of the Pitts S1-C. I have explored your web page and had a nice time getting to know you, just a little.

-Jim Parker

Your home page looks good!. I'm a mathematician with the FAA in Atlantic City, NJ. I've been with the FAA for 21 years doing research and development type work...was a program manager for the vertical flight program for numerous years and spent many more years doing vertical flight projects as well as MLS, GPS, Omega, Loran-C, fuel research, etc.

Anyway...I'd be interested in hearing about your aerobatic experiences. Email if you'd like to tell me some of your stories.

-Rosanne Weiss

What a looker you are girl!!!!!!!!! (so's the plane)

-Kim Volk

I really enjoyed your web page and related links. I'm also a software engineer whose fondest career memories are in the Armstrong Aerospace Medical Research Labs at Wright Patterson AFB. I supported experimentation in pilot loading and virtual reality in a variety of aircraft simulators.

I also share your fondness for aerobatics (after 'flying' jet aircraft in the simulators, who could resist?) and have been toying with the idea of building my own aircraft.

For better or worse, your stories have put me 'over the edge' - I'll be building. Maybe not this year or even next, but I *will* build my aircraft. (If my wife doesn't beat me to it; flying is her passion as well).

-Ron Hanson-Weber

Nice job with the home page!

-Jim Allen

I just took a too-short look at your home page, wow! It's awesome!! I love it!

-Dawn Oneto

I thought that your web pages are the best personal pages I have ever seen. I have not had the chance to browse through all of your stuff but what I have seen so far is great. Two very important factors that I really appreciate are: 1) the excellent organization and layout, 2) the minimal use of compulsary graphics ...

I guess the content really helps me appreciate your pages, too. I have bookmarked your URL and will be back to explore further. I look forward to taking a look at the aircraft images. Keep up the good work!

-Mark Szwarc

Do you have an address for Patty Wagstaff? - email or regular? I would appreciate it very much!

We plan to bring our son to the Warren County Airport on June 7 or 8 to see her perform. It will mean that we must hire an ambulance and have it remain at the grounds. Our son - 39 years old - is terminally ill with brain cancer and we do not know how much longer he will be with us. His dream was to become a private pilot, like his Dad, himself.

His Dad and I would like to contact Ms. Wagstaff and ask if she would be kind enough to stop by, simply to say "hi" We know how much it would mean to Mike. He is just thrilled at the idea of being able to attend to show - along with his wife, and two little girls (age 4 and 9).

Any help that you can give us - or information that you could provide - or other ideas of contact that you may have - would be much appreciated!

I put Carol in touch with Patty. A few days later Carol responded:

Just a note to say THANK YOU a million times! You do have Patty's email address correct. I wrote her, she answered in just a few hours and we had a wonderful visit with her last Sat, in Glens Falls NY.

After Patty's performance, she came over to the hospital bed, chatted with Mike, had gifts for all, and posed for pictures. We had one happy son! He even agreed to picture - with a good looking gal like gal like Patty, smiling beside him!

Alison, please accept our thanks for making it all possible and know you are responsible for a lot of happiness.

-Carol Lee Ferro