Notes and Hints

Alison Emailing Me

I have been overwhelmed with Email of late. I appreciate your feedback. Please forgive me if I am not able to reply immediately!


Linked Images

On this site, when you see photos like the portrait at right, run the cursor over it. If the shape of the cursor changes and your browser shows a link in the status bar at the bottom, that means you can click on the photo to see an enlargement. Many of these "clickable" images also have a blue border.

Table of Contents

Because my site has grown and now contains more than 100 pages of content, I've provided some mechanisms to help you keep track of where you are, and to quickly move to the area you want to look at.

At the top of all pages, you will see a series of buttons across the top. These represent major sections within my site. Click on a button to go to the home page for that section.

On most pages, you will see a list of choices down the left-hand side. These represent major pages within the major section. Click on a choice to go to that page. There may be more pages "below" that page; if so, you will find links to them on the page itself.

Browsing in 640x480

In the Sim section, there are so many major pages that the list of them will not fit within the space available for the table of contents if you are browsing in 640x480 resolution. If this is the case, click on Down... near the bottom left of the screen. This will split the table of contents into two parts which will fit on the screen. Toggle between these two parts with the HowTo... and ...Sims buttons. You can always return to the full table of contents with the ...All button.

No Frames

If you simply hate frames, in my site you can turn them off at any time by clicking the NoFrames button. You will still be able to get to all of my pages using links on the pages or through the Site Map.

Display Issues


This document is designed to be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 or Netscape 3.0 or above. If you are seeing peculiar page layouts, or other bizarre browser behavior, you are probably using an older browser.

Tsk, tsk! Please download your copy of Internet Explorer or Netscape now!

 Microsoft Internet Explorer  Netscape NOW!

By the way, much to my dismay (being an opponent of monopolies, especially those controlled by fellows like Billion Dollar Bill), I must say that Internet Explorer does a better job of displaying these pages, and it's easier to write HTML for it as well. It also looks like it's going to win the browser war. Sigh!

Font Sizes

Another thing that can cause strange display behavior is browser font sizes. If you've set your browser's font to a size larger than 14 in Netscape or "Large" in Internet Explorer, some of the information in the table of contents (the blue band to the left of the main text area) may be lost or scrambled. Try reducing the font size.