Media, Books, & Catalogs

Here are a few links to magazines, newspapers, and books of interest to women. Many of them are women-owned. My personal favorites are Girlfriends and Grand Opening.

Magazines and Newspapers

  • Girlfriends Magazine
  • Visibilities, The On-Line Lesbian Magazine
  • Blue Stocking (women's 'zine)
  • Catt's Claws, a Frequently-Appearing Feminist Newsletter
  • Women's Wire
  • The Boston Phoenix
  • Boston Phoenix - Women Seeking Women
  • Boston Phoenix - Men Seeking Women
  • Boston Phoenix - Variations Personal Ads (kinky stuff)
  • Books

  • Amazon Books
  • Books To Watch Out For
  • Circlet Press WWW (more kinky stuff)
  • Catalogs

  • Grand Opening!
  • Chainmail & More
  • Directories

  • Progressive Directory