Emailing Me

Thank you!

As you can see from the "hit counter" in the bottom frame, thousands of people have viewed my Web sites. Many of these people send emails with questions, comments, advice on racing sims, stories of their own.

I truly appreciate these letters, and read every one. I've replied to literally thousands in recent months. However, due to the enormous volume of email I receive, it's simply not possible for me to reply to every one.

If you have a question about racing simulations, please send your question to one of the resources listed in the email page at my GPL site. If you have a suggestion, please post it at the VROC Paddock, the message board at The APEX, or on If you have a site you'd like racing sim fans to know about, you can post a link to it at the VROC Paddock.

If you're sending thanks, or would like to tell me a story of your own, please know that even if I can't reply, I will read your email with warm appreciation.

Thank you!

- Alison Hine

Note regarding my email address: As an anti-spam measure, I've set up an email address that web bots will find and hopefully send all their junk email to. That's what you'll get if you click on the link above. I'll be reviewing this email, but not frequently.

If you want to get email to me quickly, open your email program and type the following (without the spaces) into the To field: a l i s o n @ h i n e . n e t