Emailing Me

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I went public with this Grand Prix Legends site on the Web on 10/1/98, the same day GPL hit the shelves in the US. The total views of this site and my other Web sites, VROC and Eagle Woman, is now well over a hundred thousand.

Many readers send emails with questions, appreciation comments, advice on GPL, setups, replays, add-ons for GPL, and stories about their own racing experiences, either real or virtual.

I truly appreciate these letters, and read every one. I've replied to literally thousands in recent months. However, due to the enormous volume of email I receive, it's simply not possible for me to reply to every one.

If you have a question about racing simulations, please send your question to one of the resources listed in the Help section below.

If you have a suggestion or would like to offer add-ons for GPL, please post a message at the VROC Paddock, the message board at The APEX, or on

If you have a site you'd like racing sim fans to know about, you can post a link to it at the VROC Paddock.

If you'd like to send thanks, advice, add-ons, stories, or whatever, please know that even if I can't reply, I'll read your email with great appreciation.

Getting Help

Due to the volume of email I receive, I cannot respond to every question. If you have a question about GPL, please do the following:

If you still need help, try the following resources:

There are many extremely knowledgeable sim racers on the forum at the APEX and on who would be glad to answer your questions about GPL. It's rare that a satisfactory answer to a sim racing question cannot be found on these resources.

Bugs and Design Issues

If you find a bug in GPL, or have an installation problem, such as an issue with your sound card, please email the Sierra Sports support folks at Unlike email sent to the address listed in the manual, which only returns an automated response, email sent to this address will get read by a human.

Sierra Sports support is also the place to contact if you have a concern about an aspect of GPL's design. Issues which have been raised to me by readers include the fact that there is no way for you to control the speed of the AI drivers, the fact that it is not possible to choose race length independently from damage model and damage recovery options.

Online issues readers have noted frequently include the fact that there is no way in GPL to limit the number of players allowed to join a race, and the fact that GPL's server lacks a command line interface.

Sierra Sports needs to know if you have concerns about these issues.

The Last Resort

If you can't find an answer to your question in any of these places, then you may email one of the following:

If we can answer your question, and feel others would benefit from the answer too, we'll either put your question and our answer in the appropriate FAQ, or post them on

Thanks for your feedback and your consideration!

- Alison