CART Racing

Papyrus' IndyCar Racing II has just been re-released by parent organization Sierra, with minor upgrades, under the name of CART Racing. This new release was necessary due to licensing issues which arose involving the name "IndyCar" after the split between CART and the management of Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1995.

This new release contains all versions of ICR2 except Mac, including DOS, Windows 95, and the Rendition-enhanced version previously available only with Rendition-based 3D video cards. There are no significant changes aside from the name; no new 3D-enhanced tracks are included, and the tracks, cars and drivers are still from the 1995 season.

Unfortunately, this re-release has the worst installer ever. Kill the Autoplay installer and see my instructions for installing and running it effectively.

Note: check here for some information about running ICR2 on the newer Rendition 2x00 3D cards.

Note: Sierra/Papyrus CART Racing should not be confused with Microsoft CART Precision Racing, which is a totally different product, reviewed elsewhere on these pages.

For clarity (and out of laziness, not wanting to change a million references in these Web pages) I will continue to refer to Papyrus/Sierra's CART simulation as IndyCar Racing 2 or ICR2.