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It is that very best of sensations in racing. The flow of the car through the corners...the fluid rise and fall of the engine note...the chirping of tires just on the limit under braking or skittering sideways a tiny bit when cornering hard over the bumps.

All this mingles into a delicious melodious dance of violent gracefulness that is the essence of driving a wonderful race car very hard.

For serious fans of realistic racing sims, Ubi Soft's new Formula 1 Racing Simulation takes the game to a whole new level.

I have been racing F1RS intensely. There is nothing else in the published sim world like it! Hurling the car over the bumps at Nurburgring, or flying through the forest at Spa...it's hard to believe a racing sim can be so real, or so satisfying.

I've been racing online with skilled drivers from all over the world, including the famed Doug Arnao, Eric Cote, and others. The motivation provided by racing against other humans is incredible. My skills have gone up a couple of big notches in just the past few days as a result of a marathon session of setup tuning followed by hours of racing online with these hotshoes.

I've won my share of races, but perhaps an even bigger reward is the satisfaction of driving a very challenging race car well, near the limit, knowing that I am doing a good job, feeling that I've reached a level where the car is almost part of me.

I intended to do a review of F1RS, but to date, this sim has been so compelling that I find I'd rather race on it than write about it. There are some excellent reviews on the Web, and quite a bit of other information about this sim as well.

Here you'll find pages with tips on installing and setting up the sim for optimum play, an excellent article on setting up your Formula 1 car's suspension and aerodynamics, info on racing F1RS online, and some links to sites with reviews, setups, patches, utilities, and other downloads. I've also included a log which tracks my own experiences from the time this fabulous sim arrived at my door.

And now, I'll get on with the racing.

See you at the track!