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More about GPL on Windows XP

6/1/03 - I've added some suggestions from Uwe Wulf about creating a FAT32 partition for GPL on XP systems and resizing existing NTFS partitions. See GPL on Windows XP and FAT32 Partitions on XP.

New GRE Update

3/5/03 - I've uploaded a new version of GPL Race Engineer.

This version, GRE 1.0.0, fixes a bug that occurred on Windows XP. It also expands the upper ends of the shock and spring rate ranges, and adds finer adjustment increments to the differential ramp angles.

Many thanks to Lynn Deman for finding and fixing the XP bug!

GPL on Windows XP

2/15/03 - I've added a new FAQ page with information about running GPL on Windows XP.

Car and Track Upgrades

2/15/03 - The GPL community keeps adding more and more great stuff. There are some fantastic new tracks, including Laguna Seca, which Steve Smith is the most realistic and accurate track ever done for GPL. Steve has extensive experience at the real track, and many other real-world tracks, so he should know!

Also, the GPLEA has created some spectacular new car graphics. If you've got a fast machine and good video cars, these cars will stun you with their realistic appearance. They look so real that when you follow them, the cars actually look solid, as if they have mass. The latest is the Cooper, and the GPLEA also has superb Ferraris, BRM, Honda, and Eagle.

Try these sites for more information about upgrades and add-ons:

GPL++ The Add-Ons
Magnus Torme's GPL Track Database

More Gen 2 Setups

7/6/02 - Influenced by my continuing real-world track experiences with my Cobra, I've continued to evolve my setups. I've added some F2 setups for Lime Rock to my Gen 2 Setup setups. These new setups are the most balanced setups I've ever released.

I've also added some Replays of laps done with these setups.

Generation 2 Setups

7/6/02 - I've released my first collection of setups in nearly two years!

Using what I've learned from developing my real-world Cobra for the race tracks of northeastern US and Canada, I've developed a new generation of setups for the cars in GPL.

I feel these setups are the most realistic and enjoyable setups I've ever driven for GPL - and they are faster than my old setups, too!

Get them at the Gen 2 Setup page, and read more about why I think they are better than my old setups - and why I like them better than pretty much any other GPL setups I've tried.

Interview at Race Sim Central

7/6/02 - Ach! I've been remiss in not updating this site in a long time, especially with an announcement of a very lengthy and detailed interview with yours truly at RaceSimCentral. If you want to know what I think about the future of racing sims, or whatever, and you haven't read it yet, check it out!

I have also been remiss in not mentioning that the official host of my own site is now RaceSimCentral. A thousand thanks to Lasse, Mikkel, and the gang at RaceSimCentral!

Please check out the excellent and extremely informative GPL Forums at RaceSimCentral.


What's New


I corrected the link to Microsoft's Windows Help Update on the GRE Install page.


I moved the news from 2001 to its own Archive page.


I've made a number of useful revisions and updates:


Thanks to the efforts of Chris Noto, Kamil Vrátný, and Joe Smoke, the missing pages of Steve Smith's F2 Superguide have been recovered and are now in place. Thanks, guys!


I've updated the Add-on Tracks page and the Links page with a list of some of my favorite add-on tracks and links to the latest top GPL sites for news, track add-ons, new carsets, and other enhancements.

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