In Loving Memory of
Kathi Simpson


Kathi Simpson
January 5, 1945 - January 2, 2001

Walk tall as the trees,
Live strong as the mountains,
Be gentle as the spring winds,
Keep the warmth of summer in your heart,
And the Great Spirit will always be with you.

For all that has been,

For all that will be,

- Dag Hammarskjöld
Found in Kathi's address book

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Simply Live

So another year transitions across into a new year and somehow those thoughts of 'newness' - new century, millennium, year, decade, etc., fade into it's a new day today and a year is just a number on the calendar and weight is just a number on a scale...

And it throws one back to look inside for meaning - how one's life continues to flow one moment to the next and time is not part of nature - only process is and time merely helps humans to measure process.

When I know me inside I can stop measuring and simply live - and feel - and use time as a means of communicating with others...

And tonight I'm chairing the [Al-Anon] meeting on Step #1 - Powerlessness and unmanageability.

- from the journal of Kathi Simpson
January 2, 2001

Available evidence suggests that Kathi died at the hands of an assailant upon her return from the Al-Anon meeting. The motive is not known.

A suspect was arrested shortly after Kathi's body was found. Two months later he took his own life.

To Forgive

There was, a few years ago, a young girl who was raped and killed by a young man from another state. This is not an uncommon story these days, and many of us are frightened and angry that these things continue to happen despite our attempts to stop them. Sometimes we blame God and sometimes we become despondent. At times we feel there is no safety and we lock our doors, hoping for some small measure of peace.

While the story is not uncommon, the response of the victim's parents was much different than we often hear. The newspaper quoted them as talking about forgiving the perpetrator of that horrible crime. This stands in stark contrast to these demonstrators who gleefully carry signs around the prison walls when someone is about to be executed.

The impressive thing about these parents' desire to forgive was that they were able to respond in a way that gave them strength to rise above the natural common tendencies of vindictiveness. In desiring to forgive, to desire mercy rather than justice, they moved toward healing of themselves, the perpetrator, and their own loved daughter.

-- from the journal of Kathi Simpson
July 30, 1989

In the Company of Saints

As in all challenges we are still linked in that great company of saints. ... It is with fondness, a tinge of sadness but always hope that I say farewell and Godspeed.

- Kathi Simpson
from a message to her former parish
October 13, 2000