Words of Love

On this page are the words spoken at Kathi's funeral, from the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

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Enid C. Hine
Stanley R. Hine


Shaleena Sisomphone
Lynetta Simpson
Sean Simpson


Alison Hine
Nate Hine
Sharon Fogle
Juanita Pinzur


Hope Johnson


Alan Dennis
St. John's, Bridgeport, CT

Brother in Law

Art Pinzur


... as a little child she ran joyfully and happily everywhere with her curls bouncing, greeting everyone with enthusiasm.

She brought so much joy and life when she came ... She was always bringing things ... at Christmas 2000 the most special thing that she brought was a large white teddy bear with black ears and black nose, for Stanley. The card said Stanley was her Teddy Bear.

- Enid Hine

"... Her children rise up, and call her blessed."

Kathi was part of her mother and me, and will always be part of us in our hearts. She honored us always.

[But] Satan has "poofed" ... out her light, her marvelous brain, her lovely smile, her caring concern, her generous, selfless spirit, and tender touch.

Hug your loved ones often while you can.

- Stanley Hine

I feel you around me and in my heart every second of the day. I know that there is a part of you in me, the way you had of connecting with people and so many people have told me that I have your smile and I love that because that is one of the things people remember about you. I close my eyes and see your smile and hear your laugh. I can hear you say my name.

- Shaleena Sisomphone

I know that who I am today and the choices that I have made in life are due to your love and support of me, from when I was a little girl and you rubbed my face to help me sleep, to being loving and understanding when I make a "bad" decision now and then. And for this, I will always be grateful.

I will always be your "little Lynetta".

- Lynetta Simpson

Goodbye, my mother. Because of you, I know the truth ... "Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of all children." Goodbye, my mother. Say hello to eternity for me. I love you.

- Sean Simpson

Kathi told me, "I love you," in a way that went straight to my heart. I really got it. I told her I loved her, and I know she knew I meant it. ... I felt wonderful. I felt truly loved.

Kathi had developed a remarkable capacity: She drew people to her, and made them feel loved ... She made us know we were loved.

- Alison Hine

Childhood memories of my big sister Kathi are few but precious. She left home for college when I was only five years old. I recall her writing letters to me, her "Sugar Plum". Over the years, though we were often separated by many miles, she was able to communicate her love for me, and later for my family, as well.

- Juanita Pinzur

Kathi's hopes and dreams were not limited to this passing world ... On Saturday the 23rd of December ... she pulled out of the driveway blasting Handel's Hallelujah chorus on the audio, singing, conducting and (help!) driving all at the same time. (Fortunately I was on the sidewalk.) ... she lowered her window and exclaimed, "Don't you think they'll be singing this in heaven?!"

- Art Pinzur

Kathi loved the children and the young people. She spent herself on the children and the young people at St. John's. ... A picture of Kathi standing in the parish hall after the service with all these children around her - a picture many of us will cherish and love and remember.

Kathi loved music. A picture I have of her sitting at the piano doing a gospel song with a lot of children around her singing. And her thoroughly enjoying it. A picture we will not forget.

- Father Alan Dennis

- Hope Johnson

So here's the plan....

- Kathi Simpson

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