Race With Me

Grand Prix Legends Online

In October, 1998, John O'Keefe, Nate Hine, and I created the Virtual Racers' Online Connection. This facility allows Grand Prix Legends enthusiasts to connect with each other online.

VROC displays a list of available races, and allows you to join a race from the list, or host your own race. VROC automatically launches GPL when you wish to host or join a race.

Racing a full field of a dozen or more Formula One cars on the fabulous circuits of the late 60's is an unparalleled experience. It's so good that many people race on VROC almost every night.

Please go to VROC and have a look around. Join the VROC Mailing List and get to know other online racers. And fire up that screaming V-12 or thundering V-8 - or that massive H-16 if you dare!

I'll see you at the track!

Multiplayer Racing Information Archive

Racing GPL on VROC is the only kind of multiplayer racing I do now. Everything else pales in comparison.

However, I've retained the older "Race With Me" information below in case some people might wish to race each other using these older sims.

Ferrari at MonzaRacing Online with F1RS and SODA

In late 1997 and early 1998, I was racing via the Internet via Kali. Both F1RS and SODA can be raced over Kali, and I've gotten into some great online races this way. I've raced with people in Europe as well as the US. See my tips on racing F1RS over Kali for more information on how to get onto Kali and how to set up for racing in F1RS. Once you've read this, join Kali and download and install Kali95 and the latest F1RS patch. Then email me to set up a time to meet online, or look for me and others in the US on the Kali "Where to Race" server at about 9 pm EST. Europeans tend to congregate at about 8 pm CET (2 pm EST).

Most of the general hints on my F1RS/Kali tips page apply to SODA too. A note about online racing on original tracks: If you want to race with me or with other people on tracks you've created yourself, don't bother sending me/them the source file. If someone else builds the track from your source file, it will have a different serial number and your SODA won't recognize their version of your track. You'll need to go into the SODA Track Editor and export your track to a Track Pack. When you share this Track Pack with friends, everyone will be able to race on it just fine. Note that it's considered good form to have the AI completely learn your track before you share it with others, and it's best to keep the number of objects, especially fences, to a minimum to allow everyone to get optimum frame rate.

Modem Racing in ICR2

Please check out my overview of racing simulations for more information about my favorite sims, and review my main racing page for information about real racing. See my discussion of public domain utilities for Papyrus racing sims which I find most useful.

Technical Requirements

To race ICR2 via modem, you will need a 14,400 baud (or more) modem and will need IndyCar Racing 2 from Papyrus (now part of Sierra), and a computer capable of running it. For more information about what you'll need to run ICR2, check out my notes on technical requirements.

Other Racing Options

If you are a CompuServe member, you can access several forums which support some on-line racing series and modem play. Try the following:



Also, there are many Web sites devoted to sim racing. Check out my favorites.

Games Domain

There is a ton of information available in The Games Domain. If the main site in the UK is slow, I suggest you try the site in Russia; it was much faster when I used it.