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Alison Hine

Eagle Woman

I'm a software engineer, competition aerobatic pilot, race driver, and writer.

I built my own aerobatic airplane, a RANS S-10 Sakota, and flew it and my Pitts S-1C in a number of aerobatic competitions from 1992 through 1994.

Alison Hine
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A Teeny Bit of Wildness

New!! Read about my upcoming book, Velocity Girls. The web site is a work in progress, but you can read a brief intro and some excerpts from the manuscript, and also check out my blog.

I'm easing into the new age of blogs and social social networking. Click here to go to my blogs or connect with me through Facebook, et al.

My beloved RANS S-10 aerobatic aircraft is For Sale! Go here if you'd like to get yourself into the sky in an inexpensive and rewarding way.

New! If you're confused about what's going on in your home network, see my Network Management Tutorial.

My Cobra pages tell the story of my greatest adventure, building and driving a car I dreamed of since I was very young. This car was a winner its first time out, and three years later it carried me to my first real-world championship.

My Grand Prix Legends site delivers a massive quantity of essential information for the racer eager to experience the genesis of the modern, ultra-realistic racing simulation. If you are a racing enthusiast, and you haven't experienced this sensational simulation, you owe it to yourself to climb in the cockpit and find out what it means to get the power down.

Through my popular Virtual Racers' Online Connection, you can race with me - and many others - via the Internet!

My general racing simulation pages present extensive information about the fascinating synthesis of the computer and racing worlds. I also briefly touch on my real life racing experiences.

I hope you'll enjoy my stories about my flying adventures and the immensely rewarding process of constructing my airplane. In this section, you'll also find photo galleries of both of my beautiful airplanes, and you'll learn about how you can get involved in aerobatics or build an airplane yourself.

You Go Grrrl!

On my Outrageous Women pages, you'll find information about many exciting and inspiring women, including the best aerobatic pilot in the United States.

On my beloved sister Kathi's memorial Web site, you'll find words of love from those who were blessed by Kathi's love, Kathi's own words, and images of her and those she loved.

More Stuff

Also in these pages, you'll find some essays which reflect my feelings and opinions about various aspects of life. You might like to see who else in my family is on the Web, or review comments from other guests at my site.

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...because we simply cannot have a personal Web page without one, here is a picture of my cat.


I hope you enjoy these pages! Although I'm overwhelmed with email and may not be able to reply, I welcome your feedback.